"Dabney has the warm heart of a natural counselor. I am very confident that she will touch a great many souls very deeply in the course of the years to come..."
—Steven Forrest
Internationally renowned astrologer and author of many books including The Inner Sky, The Changing Sky and Skymates.

"Dabney Oliver is an awesome astrologer! She was sincere, compassionate, kind and fun. I learned a great deal through her thoughtful insights. I highly recommend her many times over to anyone seeking astrological wisdom."
- Tracy A.
Children's speech therapist, Santa Fe, NM

 A personalized reading goes beyond a simple look at your little one's Sun sign. Astrology can be a wonderful way to explore how you, as a parent, can support their individual path through life.

As an experienced astrologer, my readings are compassionate, empowering and just plain fun. An individual birth chart reading can help you understand the places where your child shines and how you can actively create an environment for them to thrive.

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